About Barrett Barrera Projects:

Barrett Barrera Projects was founded by Susan Barrett in 2014 as a multidisciplinary consulting company specializing in arts, culture and contemporary fashion. Clients include a wide range of collectors, public and private organizations, and community groups.

Barrett Barrera Projects creates bespoke solutions to address the needs of its clients, whether services are handled in-house or outsourced through an international network of partners. Drawing on the company’s established relationships with international artists, curators, dealers, designers and galleries, Barrett Barrera Projects offers clients unparalleled access to an extensive network of creative talent.

In addition to offering art advisory services, Barrett Barrera Projects represents national and international artists that blur the boundaries of traditionally understood artistic disciplines and practices. Barrett Barrera Projects’ artistic representation services are designed to position artists working in new and emerging media in the established art market with the goal to raise global awareness and promote sales.

Barrett Barrera Projects also develops and organizes exhibitions available for travel domestically and internationally. Barrett Barrera Projects’ exhibitions are designed to provide culturally significant experiences and position nontraditional media, including fashion and design, as historically and artistically significant for public audiences to understand. These exhibitions provide unique perspectives that have received accolades among academics and public audiences alike.

Furthermore, Barrett Barrera Projects works with its affiliated commercial art gallery, projects+gallery, in St. Louis, USA to bring regional, national and international artists to the city. The gallery serves as a laboratory for experimentation with new artists and media and allows Barrett Barrera Projects to audience-test exhibitions and work by its represented artists.

With demonstrated leadership in the advancement of partnerships with creative talent worldwide and an innovative approach to projects in the arts, fashion and cultural industries, Barrett Barrera Projects offers versatile consulting services and industry leadership in artistic representation and exhibition development.