Barrett Barrera Projects Home Workspaces

Barrett Barrera Projects Home Workspaces

Barrett Barrera Projects Home Workspaces

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Barrett Barrera Projects staff have adjusted to continuing work while safely social distancing. Check out how some of the Barrett Barrera Projects team makes working from home work for them.


Susan Barrett, President

My work-space reflects my belief that often more is more: a large table provides me a lot of space to spread out as ideas expand, both physically and mentally. I surround myself with lots of art, both for inspiration and peace of mind. A quiet space allows for focus amidst the myriad projects that Barrett Barrera Projects is still developing, as well as a small respite from the noise of the current events. With the kids at home now, the structure of their day dictates mine. I will typically work around their school schedule to pencil in my conference calls and meetings.


Kelly Peck, Vice President

I feel very privileged that Barrett Barrera Projects has been family-forward since its founding in 2014. Approximately 30% of my workload is regularly accomplished from home in times of normalcy. I have a two year old and a four year old so this has allowed me to feel present when my kids need me, but also able to navigate the needs of the growing business.

With shelter-at-home practices in place, the transition has had challenging moments but overall, I feel equipped to work from home since I have been doing so at least a percentage of my time since having my children. Luckily, my laptop allows me to relocate in my home as needed for the family. My husband and I take shifts with the kids so the other can take calls or get through projects. I may be working in any corner of my home at any given time but I do enjoy moments when the kids are asleep and I can put on a record and sort my emails or work on a contract. Although I find myself eager to resume in office hours with the larger Barrett Barrera Projects team, I have two small team members-in-training that are making sure my multi-tasking skills stay honed.


Bridget Melloy, Senior Director, projects+gallery

I have now been working from home for almost three months and each week feels a bit different. I spend most of my time working at our dining table with my laptop and a notebook with my running to-do list and notes for zoom meetings or conference calls. I am finding myself drinking even more coffee than before due to the easy access to my kitchen. This period of working from home and slowing down has allowed for time to do more long-term planning and work improving gallery systems.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by fantastic artwork I have collected over the years from projects+gallery. Pictured here is one of my favorite pieces by artist Addoley Dzegede from our booth at Spring Break Art Fair in 2018. Fresh flowers help keep the mood bright and cheery. My favorite florists around town are Urban Buds and Flowers & Weeds.

One of the silver-linings of spending this time at home is more time with my baby son. He is now 8 months old and in between emails, calls and working on proposals I have watched him learn to sit upright with confidence, roll all around our dining room, and high-five. Finding a balance between full-time working and full-time mom-ing has been stressful at times, but I have been feeling grateful for this extra time with him.


Nic Cherry, Director of Facilities & Logistics

As I have adjusted to this temporary new normal, so has Whispers (the Dachshund), who insists she belongs wedged between myself and the arm of my sofa- all day long.  I have not found a regular work from home spot- I find the best productivity in bouncing around throughout the day; mornings on the sofa, afternoons on the dining table, conference calls in the den, and emails from the kitchen while preparing lunch. No routine is the new routine. I keep things fresh and moving with constant cups of pour over coffee, curated playlists, and the active search for the work-from-home unicorn…the perfect lighting and background setup for video calls.


Claire Grothe, Research & Systems Manager

We’re lucky enough to have a dedicated home office, which is great for the bulk of my work. That said, I’m also splitting the space with my husband, so if one of us has a call or a meeting, or if I just need a change of scenery, I relocate to our living room. It’s a nice combination of personal space and companionship (which includes our dog Lady and our not-pictured cat Gus), and luckily, that flexibility allows me what I need to do my job!



Margaret Sherer, Associate Curator, projects+gallery

We have been very fortunate to be able to carry on work during the pandemic and necessary social distancing, and it has been interesting, to say the least, adjusting to this temporary relocation. My French press has seen more use in the last couple of months than ever before (as have my yoga pants), and I’ve become very neighborly with the birds and squirrels that run around outside of our dining room window. My fiancé is also currently working from home, so noise canceling headphones are a must, but it’s been really lovely having extra time together as our wedding quickly approaches! Working from home has given me space to evaluate my goals and to explore new ways to further the belief of our company that art is a verb. I miss coming into the gallery and working alongside wonderful art and people, but it has been invigorating to develop new skills that support remote work and to discover new ways that we as an organization can contribute to the arts community.


Kasper Woldtvedt, Project Manager

I thrive in the collaborative office culture Barrett Barrera Projects has cultivated. Since I can’t be around the dynamic BBP staff the next best thing I could do is surround myself with items that inspire and motivate! Music, fashion, remnants of performances, and La Croix are considered essential. The dollar bill is one of Lindsay Dye’s, Caked Money pieces (@dyelindsay on instagram). The polaroid is a picture of myself with Kembra Pfahler from The Charlie Factory that Barrett Barrera Projects produced at The Standard Downtown LA. And a coaster with a painted image of Coven Supreme, Stevie Nicks.