Staff Holiday Gift Recommendations Available at Barrett Barrera Projects

Staff Holiday Gift Recommendations Available at Barrett Barrera Projects

Great Holiday Gifts Available at Barrett Barrera Projects

This is the season of giving, and the Barrett Barrera Projects staff are thrilled to have a variety of fabulous objects to recommend that would make great gifts for yourself and loved ones! For further information about any of the items below or other pieces available in the Barrett Barrera Projects collection, click the image or contact


Susan Barrett, President

When we produced the HERO Collection of garments and accessories last year with designer Todd Thomas, we were rethinking the concept of what a hero is. We renamed familiar titles: “Mom,” “Dad,” “Teacher,” etc. to magnify the non-celebrated heroism we display every day. One year later, the understanding of hero is culturally transformed, with the medical community as the Apex Heroes. We have a new perspective because of what we have all endured during the last nine months and Mom, Dad and Teacher has an even more meaningful heroic title. This year, let’s celebrate that we are all heroes for getting through 2020 and being transformed for the better by it. We now understand how much we need each other; love is heroic.



Kelly Peck, Vice President

The catalogue that accompanies the Barrett Barrera Projects’ touring exhibition A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes beautifully encapsulates the narrative of the exhibition, exploring the archetype of the queen through contemporary fashion and art. The catalogue, which features page upon page of gorgeous illustrations, is really a work of art in its own right and would make a wonderful gift for any arts or fashion enthusiast.



Bridget Melloy, Senior Director, projects+gallery

The quirky pastel portraits by José Vivenes are just wonderful. The Venezuelan based artist has a rough, loose figurative style and a muted, almost somber use of color. These would make a great addition to a collection of figurative art.



Jessica Baran, Director of Curatorial & Program Development

An extension of their traveling exhibition and collaborative project, Jess T. Dugan and Vanessa Fabbre’s To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults is not only a gorgeous book but a critically important one, containing Dugan’s intimately luminous portraits alongside deeply affecting first-person accounts by their subjects.



Nic Cherry, Director of Facilities & Logistics

I think the Ross Bonfanti Chihuahua with Pink Chain (2015) we have available at projects+gallery would make an awesome gift for someone you care about. It’s unique, and is just the right mix of zany and whimsical. The perfect treasure for anyone, even yourself.



Claire Grothe, Research & Systems Manager

I love the deep personal touches artist Addoley Dzegede adds to her work, exemplified in Ohio Bell (2017). Ohio Bell is part of a series titled the constellation of my genealogy, which honors her ancestors and her own relationship to them. Her use of mixed media and choice of color draws you in and invites you to look closer, where you can appreciate the elements of family history and lore that she incorporates into each piece.



Eric Repice, Preparator

St. Louis-based artist Jen Everett’s Untitled (2017) consists of a grouping of four images and is powerful, beautiful, and personal. The subtle colors and the deft manipulation of old photographs lead me to wonder about the people in the images . The more I see by this artist, the more I look forward to following her work.



Margaret Rieckenberg, Associate Curator

The SPACEWALKER collection, created by artist Christine Corday in collaboration with Barrett Barrera Projects, is such an elegant way to incorporate art into daily life. I really love the thoughtful way in which the Spacewalker uniform acts as a reminder of our immediate presence on this planet at this specific temperature and pressure, in dialogue with Corday’s larger body of work.



Kasper Woldtvedt, Project Manager

I love Ben Godward’s piece titled Word chosen: Embrace! The material he used is just so much fun and I love the experimentation with color. The functional building substance—urethane foam—that takes on an organic shape during the application process being used to sculpt something that resembles an occurrence that happens in nature, a wave, creates a curious juxtaposition.